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SCOTUS Votes to Extend Title 42

The U.S. Supreme Court voted to uphold the continuation of the Title 42 health order, a Trump-era order that allowed border officers to return illegal migrants to their home country due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ruling has been praised by numerous Republican officials, citing a brief victory in what has been a detrimental year for border security under the Biden Administration. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a tweet following the ruling, “Today, SCOTUS handed Texas and the USA a huge victory by allowing Title 42 to remain in place after Biden illegally tried to terminate this critical policy”. While many are pleased with the outcome of the ruling, numerous Republicans are demanding the passage of more legislation that will allow for a more long-term solution to border security. 

FOX NEWS: Supreme Court praised for Title 42 border security ruling: ‘Huge victory’

Alexander Hall; December 28, 2022

A Supreme Court ruling on Tuesday on Title 42 sent shock-waves across Twitter with many users praising the outcome. 

The Supreme Court ruled to maintain Title 42, a Trump-era policy that allows immigration officials to quickly expel migrants for public health due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many Twitter users praised the ruling, suggesting it is critical to ensure America’s borders are properly enforced.

Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs Marsha (Catron) Espinosa said the department will enforce the policy. 

“As required by today’s Supreme Court order, the Title 42 public health order will remain in effect and individuals who attempt to enter the United States unlawfully will continue to be expelled to Mexico or their home country,” she tweeted. “People should not listen to the lies of smugglers who take advantage of vulnerable migrants, putting lives at risk. The border is not open, and we will continue to fully enforce our immigration laws.”

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, tweeted that the ruling will deter future border crossings. 

“SCOTUS’s temporary stay of Title 42 protections will forestall a surge of trafficking and drugs. Lives will be saved. Yet as Democrats recently rejected my effort to remedy this situation legislatively, it falls to @POTUS to enforce the laws currently on the books,” he tweeted. 

“Today, SCOTUS handed Texas and the USA a huge victory by allowing Title 42 to remain in place after Biden illegally tried to terminate this critical policy,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, R., tweeted. “I will continue to fight at every turn and do everything in my power to help secure our border and keep Texans safe.”

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, R., praised the ruling, but demanded further action.

“Today’s Title 42 stay from the Supreme Court is much needed but the Biden administration must do more to secure our southern border,” he tweeted. “Too many lives are ruined as a result of the fentanyl crisis, enabled by the open border, and we need action now.”

Other social media users voiced similar concerns that Title 42 does not go far enough to secure the border. 

“I welcome the Supreme Court’s decision to maintain Title 42, but the status quo is unsustainable,” Rep.-elect Monica De La Cruz, R-Texas., tweeted, “We need a long-term solution to our border crisis that protects American communities, holds the cartels accountable, and restores order to the border.”

Michael Burgess, R-Texas, wrote, “Today was a small step in the right direction – but not nearly enough. @POTUS must secure our southern border!”

While I am thankful that the Supreme Court upheld Title 42, we need a permanent legislative solution,” Rep.-elect Nick LaLota, R-NY., tweeted. “If the Biden Administration won’t act to keep Americans safe and support law enforcement, Congress must act.”

The American Civil Liberties Union condemned the ruling.

“The Supreme Court has allowed Title 42, which was set to end this month, to remain in place temporarily while litigation continues,” the organization’s official Twitter wrote. “This decision allows our government to continue unlawfully expelling people seeking asylum. This cruel policy must end.”

Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake

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