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Nine Texas Teens Shot in After-Prom Party

Nine teenagers were shot and injured in Texas at a house party after their prom in the early morning Sunday. According to officials, an estimated 250 people attended the house party after midnight after the Jasper High School prom ended. All nine victims, between the ages of 15 and 19, do not have life-threatening injuries. “No motive has been established at present,” the force said while also confirming that “several witnesses and persons of interest are being interviewed.” So far, police have made no charges. Additionally, more gunshots were heard outside the hospital where the victims were treated. Over a dozen more shots were heard at a third residential location, where multiple homes and vehicles were hit. It is unclear if all three incidents are related, although the sheriff’s department does believe there is a possible connection. 

NEW YORK POST: 9 Texas teens wounded in shooting at after-prom party

By Lee Brown; April 24, 2023

Nine teenagers were injured in a shooting at a Texas house hosting an after-prom party — with shots later ringing out in two other locations, including the hospital where the wounded were being treated.

The initial attack in the early hours Sunday came as an estimated 250 people packed a house after the Jasper High School prom ended at midnight, officials said.

The nine wounded — between ages 15 and 19 — were left with non-life-threatening injuries, according to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office.

Officers at the emergency room where the injured teens were being treated said they heard more gunshots outside the hospital, Lt. Garrett Foster told KJAS.

At least 15 shots were then heard in a third location, where homes and vehicles were hit by bullets, the local outlet said.

The sheriff’s department confirmed that “there is a possible connection” between the shootings, without elaborating.

“No motive has been established at present,” the agency said, while confirming that “several witnesses and persons of interest are being interviewed.”

That includes the occupants of a vehicle that was driving on a highway while riddled with bullets, Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman told KJAS.

The same vehicle appeared to have been spotted near the shot-up prom after-party, the sheriff said. So far there have been no charges.

Jasper Independent School District Superintendent John Seybold pledged full cooperation with law enforcement “to bring these perpetrators to justice.”

“There will be a much larger law enforcement presence this week to ensure student safety, as well as counselors on hand for any students who need their assistance,” Seybold said in a statement.

The third shooting location was just a block from where a 65-year-old man, Elvin Land, was hit by a bullet while looking out the window of a house just over a week ago, the local outlet said.

He was in stable condition and it was not clear if there was a connection to Sunday’s attacks.

Photo: KBMT

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