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Musk Settles Twitter Deal at Last

Elon Musk will officially own Twitter on Friday. As Musk’s ownership becomes official, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding his ascension to “Chief Twit.” Conservatives are cheering Musk’s arrival, hoping the billionaire will bring free speech back to the platform. However, far-left Democrats are reeling, claiming that the “new” Twitter will be a hotbed for disinformation and a threat to democracy. 

FOX NEWS: Meltdown as Elon Musk enters Twitter headquarters ahead of takeover: ‘Let that sink in!’

Joseph A. Wulfsohn; October 27, 2022

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a big splash on Twitter with a video of himself walking into the tech giant’s headquarters ahead of his takeover of the company. 

Musk, who is set to officially have ownership of the social media platform by Friday, shared a clip of himself walking into Twitter’s lobby while carrying a sink.

“Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!” Musk exclaimed with a visual pun. 

Many Musk fans and other conservatives rallied behind the billionaire.

“Let Freedom Ring!” GOP commentator Wesley Hunt reacted.

“I can’t even calculate how much money I’d pay to read the Slack chat of Twitter employees today. Definitely would pay extra to read the thoughts of ‘Content Moderators,’” Substack journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote.

Conservative comedians the Hodge Twins said, “Elon bout to make Twitter great again.” 

“Boy it makes me happy to see Elon Musk at Twitter HQ after 13 years on this platform getting censored and shadowbanned and taking away followers. LET FREEDOM RING!” journalist Emily Miller tweeted. 

“If you didn’t like The Babylon Bee calling an adult male a man, you could have just not followed them on Twitter. Look what you did,” The Daily Wire’s Frank J. Fleming pointed out.

Others, however, did not see the humor in Musk’s video. 

“This is fundamentally cruel,” CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem reacted. “Whatever the masters of the universe are doing with this website, lots and lots of people — not fancy people, just people with kids and houses and vacation plans and who make companies run and rich men richer — will lose their livelihoods.”

“He’s such a piece of trash,” Mississippi Free Press reporter Ashton Pittman tweeted. 

“Tech billionaire with very strong, eccentric and often half-baked views on politics, powered by enormous ego, is live-tweeting his takeover of this platform,” Der Spiegel journalist Mathieu von Rohr wrote.

The nine-second video has already gathered over 16 million views in the matter of hours. 

Musk also changed his Twitter bio to read “Chief Twit” and later tweeted, “Meeting a lot of cool people at Twitter today!”

Last spring, Musk was set to buy Twitter for $44 billion but then attempted to pull out of the deal after he accused the company of being deceitful regarding the number of bots that were on the platform. Twitter, in return, took Musk to court to force him to buy the company. In recent weeks, Musk changed his tune and pledged to proceed with the original offer

Conservatives have widely supported the Musk takeover as the billionaire tycoon has signaled his support for free speech principles, while liberals have sounded the alarm that Musk will allow “misinformation” and hateful content to run rampant and perhaps reinstate former President Trump’s Twitter account. 

Photo: FOX

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