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Mother’s Day Comes Under Attack from Trans Activists

During the Mother’s Day holiday, LGBTQ activists took to social media to share videos and memes attacking the sanctity of motherhood and women. “Trans women can be moms”, a video floating around TikTok proclaimed. Both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have come under fire from far-left wing activists in recent years, with some extremists claiming America should replace both holidays with a single “parent’s day” to improve gender inclusiveness.

‘Trans Women Can Be Moms Too’: LGBTQ Activists Go All in on Mother’s Day

By Paul Bois; May 13, 2023

LGBTQ activists spouted far-left talking points in celebration of Mother’s Day on Sunday by sharing memes and videos about how fathers can be mothers too.

In one video shared by Libs of TikTok, a man who identifies as a woman said America should have a “Parents Day.”

“There’s two different days of the year that I question. There’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. As a trans person, as a trans woman, which one do I celebrate? I don’t feel like a father. Mother’s Day is tomorrow, I feel like a mom, but who celebrates me?” he asked rhetorically.

“I just genuinely want to know is there other people out there that you don’t know which one you fall under. Are you a mom or are you a dad? Where’s Parents Day? Why can’t we just have a Parents Day? he added. “Like you’re a parent that’s worth celebrating. Why does it have to be one or the other?”

Fighting back tears, he said that it “bothers me a lot.”

Another video shared by Alpha Fox featured a man who identifies as a woman talking with his daughter about him being her mom.

“You are my mom,” the daughter says in the video.

Other videos and threads began circulating the internet.

Mother’s Day has increasingly become a target of far-left activists in recent years. As Breitbart News reported last year, Calvin Klein went as far to feature a “pregnant transgender man” as part of its Mother’s Day campaign.

“The latest marketing campaign from Calvin Klein features a pregnant transgender man as an underwear model, with the fashion brand saying it wanted to spotlight the ‘realities of new families’ in honor of — ironically — Mother’s Day,” said the report.

“The campaign includes shirtless photos of Roberto Bete, a female-to-male transgender reality TV star from Brazil who was pregnant at the time of the shoot. The photos show Bete posing with exposed stomach and top-surgery scars alongside spouse Erika Fernandes, a tattoo artist,” it added.

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