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IRS Looking to Hire Hundreds of Gun-Wielding Special Agents

About a year ago, the IRS raised many eyebrows when they clearly intended to hire as many as 87,000 new employees to assist in auditing middle-class taxpayers. Now the government office is looking to expand its tax-collecting army even further. A recent announcement listed on their official website reads, “WE’RE HIRING SPECIAL AGENTS NOW!” As if that wasn’t cause for concern, looking more closely at the job description, a few of the “Major Duties” listed ask that the special agents carry firearms and be able to use deadly force when necessary. It’s always been said that only two things in life are guaranteed: death and taxes; now, it appears under this developing regime of IRS overreach, they can deliver both of those things to you at once. 

ATR: IRS Hiring Gun-Carrying Agents in all 50 States

By John Kartch; April 27, 2023

A review of the IRS job board shows the agency is seeking to hire armed agents in all 50 states.

“WE’RE HIRING SPECIAL AGENTS NOW!” states the IRS website in all caps, with an exclamation point for emphasis. “Click here to apply today!” [Archived link here in case the IRS removes the listing]

Under the “Major Duties” section of the job description, applicants are notified they “must be willing to use force up to and including the use of deadly force.”

The agency is seeking to hire at least 360 armed agents:

All 50 states are included in the list of locations.

Armed agents are sought at:

20 sites in Texas
18 sites in California
13 sites in each of Florida and New York
9 sites in each of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Illinois
8 sites in Ohio
7 sites in each of Tennessee, Michigan, New Jersey, Maryland
6 sites in each of Massachusetts, Missouri, Indiana, Virginia
5 sites in each of Arizona, Kentucky, Oregon, West Virginia
4 sites in each of North Carolina, South Carolina, Iowa, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Louisiana, Washington state and Alabama
3 sites in each of Minnesota, Oklahoma, Colorado, Mississippi, Arkansas, Utah, New Mexico
2 sites in each of Kansas, South Dakota, Nevada, New Hampshire
1 site in each of North Dakota, Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wyoming.

Congressional Democrats and President Biden sent $80 billion in taxpayer funding to the IRS as part of the Inflation Reduction Act.

The IRS released a spending outline on April 6 showing the agency is on pace to hire 87,000 IRS employees over the next decade.

Not all of them will be “armed only with calculators.”

The $80 billion in funding provides no new protections for taxpayers. Combined with the IRS history of firearms mismanagement and lack of respect for due process, this is cause for concern among law abiding Americans.

Photo: saturnism/Flickr

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