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Deadly Stabbing Spree in Heart of Europe

Underneath the E.U. headquarters in Brussels, a lone knifeman went on a stabbing rampage, injuring several people before being disarmed at gunpoint. Although police have indicated there may be no terrorist motivation, it’s up in the air whether the suspect may have been rapidly self-radicalized. Last week, a stabbing spree occurred in two Spanish churches, and although the suspect was completely unknown to police, after an investigation, it was declared a terrorist attack. The man was found to have radicalized himself to become a self-proclaimed “Jihadist.” Considering the peculiar location of the attack, the present situation in Europe, and last week’s attack, a terrorist motive cannot be ruled out, but investigations are still underway.

BREITBART: Several Injured in Stabbing Rampage in Tunnels Beneath EU Headquarters

By Oliver JJ Lane; January 31, 2023

A man was arrested at gunpoint at Schuman station, a subway stop in Brussels beneath the headquarters of the European Commission, after a stabbing rampage on a train.

A lone knifeman who attacked several people on a train and then on a platform was arrested after his rush-hour attack Monday evening, the Brussels Times reports. The magazine reported that one victim of the rampage was injured “severely,” and “several others” sustained minor cuts.

The Associated Press reported that there were three injured in total during the attack.

Given the present situation in Europe, there has been some question over whether the motivation of the attack was terrorism. The AP cites a Brussels prosecutor who said initial indications were “there were no indications of terrorism.” The BT likewise indicates the arrested suspect is not on any terror watchlist, and therefore a terror motive can “likely be ruled out,” although this is not a guaranteed indicator.

Just last week, a stabbing spree took place at two churches in southern Spain by a man who is believed to be a rapidly self-radicalized jihadist. While it was noted at the time of the attack that the knifeman was not on a terror watch list or known to police, the event has since been declared a terrorist attack.

The location of Monday’s subway attack is of particular concern, given that the Schuman metro station is directly beneath the Berlaymont building, which houses the headquarters of the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union. A security alert was issued to EU staff working in the building. The next stop along the line, Maalbeek, was the site of one of the deadly 2016 bombings which killed 32, excluding the bombers.

Unverified video cited by EuroWeekly News shows a caucasian male of large build surrendering to police at gunpoint and lying on the floor at the commands of an officer. The footage appears to be corroborated, however, by images also shared of the incident by The Brussels Times.

Photo: Getty Images

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